The World Hears and Sees 2018 Huanglong Music Season Ends

         In the morning of August 30, at the Hallelujah Music Hall of Huanglong Cave Scenic Spot, Wulingyuan, Zhangjiajie, the place of World Natural Heritage, the eye-catching 2018 Huanglong Music Season ended.

         At 2018 Huanglong Music Season, there are 475 awards for Piano Art Week, Singing Art Week and Chorus Art Week. A total of 4.885 million art development funds was issued. Since its opening on August 5, 2018, tens of thousands of music lovers from both home and abroad participated in these three events, attracting hundreds of thousands of Chinese and foreign tourists to watch this creative, unique and eye-catching culture and tourism festival.

         “The World Hears and Sees!”. At the closing ceremony, Mr. Ye Wenzhi, the executive president of Sunriver Holdings Ltd., the president of Sunriver Fenghuang Tourism Development Co., Ltd., China Tourism Planning Master, and founder of Huanglong Music Season introduced that this Music Season has uniquely integrated reality and ideal, culture and tourism, music and Zhangjiajie. The beautiful scenery of Wulingyuan and the creative ideas of Huanglong Music Season has laid the solid foundation for its high ranking in China’s culture and tourism industry. Ye says that five to ten years will be spent to make Huanglong Music Season the “Edinburgh Art Festival” in China and the World Cup of music. 

         Huanglong Music Season started in 2016. With the aim of “competition, education, happiness”, every first weekend of August, the Music Season will be held in Huanglong Cave Scenic Spot, Wulingyuan, Zhangjiajie. Up until now, it has been the largest music performance, competition and exchange event in China which is the worthiest of watching and participating.