Sunriver Wins the Title of “China’s Leading Brand in Tourism”

         On September 20, in the event named “2018 China’s Tourism Industry Brand Summit and China’s Ranking of Tourism Brands” held in Beijing, Sunriver Holding Group has won the award of “China’s Leading Brand in Tourism”. 

         This event is organized by China’s Consumer Economy High-level Forum Office and supported by State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, China Consumer Economy Research Institute, and China Consumer Economics Association. Many domestic brands of tourism industry participated in this event. Through technological methods and a large amount of data, finally Sunriver has been selected for its abundant experience and comprehensive strength in culture and tourism industry. Some enterprises and organizations from Beijing, Jiangsu, and Guangdong have also won awards in this event. 

         With the purpose of adapting to the new tourism trends under the circumstance of consumption upgrade, the organization committee of the event focuses on the theme of “enjoy the moments in the time of fast tourism”. The cross-boundary integration between tourism and other industries of various places has been discussed in depth. On site, the first “China Tourism Moments Alliance” has been established. Sunriver became the initiating member enterprise for its outstanding performance in deep integration of culture and tourism. 

         Since 2008 when Sunriver started culture and tourism industry, it has been pursuing “the harmony and co-existence of human and nature”. Sunriver takes green development and cultural heritage as its responsibilities. During the process of building tourism destinations, Sunriver has adhered to “the principle of protective development to “rebuild the cultural ecology of the destinations”. The aim is to promote the development, transformation and upgrade of tourism industry. Much explorations have been made to passing down Tea Culture of Qimen and Agriculture Culture of Fuyang generation by generation, as well as protecting the Taoism Culture and stone engraving of Qiyun Mountain.

         The organization committee holds the opinion that Sunriver, as the leading enterprise in investment and operation of China’s natural scenic spots, sticks to the brand core of “to be the builder of tourism destinations” and set becoming “the solution provider for tourism and vacationing of China’s middle-class families” as enterprise mission. During the past 10 years of doing business in culture and tourism, Sunriver has respectively carried out all-round strategic cooperation with many high-quality scenic spots, including: Qiyun Mountain in Anhui Province, Laoshan Mountain in Shandong Province, Fenghuang Ancient City in Hunan Province, Huanglong Cave in Zhangjiajie, Danxia Mountain in Guangdong Province, Tailao Mountain in Fujian Province, and so on. In eal practice, the cultural tourism investment model has been established through multiple approaches: tourism destinations+contents, single point of core resources, management of tourism areas, and in-depth tourism services. By upgrading the accomodation, traveling, shopping, entertainment and consumption comprehensively, the diverse consumption needs of the tourists are satisfied so as to provide high-quality tourism experience.  

         In the future, Sunriver will launch the service model based on “Membership”. Emphasis will be laid on scenic spot layout, membership system, new scenarios of tourism and consumption, and data coordination. The purpose is to fully leverage the user data to establish a “user data platform” specially for Sunriver. In this way, the four parts, namely users, data platforms, Sunriver tourism membership, and tourism finance service, can be finally well combined with each other.

         With the data platform, Sunriver will improve comprehensively in terms of tourism market segmentation, tourism marketing diagnosis, scenic spot dynamic monitoring, tourism public opinion monitoring, and so on. The tourism big data can be used to analyze tourist portraits and public opinions. The coordinated management and public service abilities can be effectively enhanced to gain progress in tourism service, marketing, management and innovation. It is planned to establish smart tourism system oriented to value and ecology system, to realize in-depth integration of culture and tourism and help more people pursue a beautiful life.