Founded in


Founded in 1992, Sunriver Holding Group Co., Ltd. is a large group company engaged in the investment and management in the industry of culture and tourism. Sunriver is the actual controller of Sunriver Culture, a listed company (stock code: 600576). At present, Sunriver Holding has more than5,000 employees with the total asset of 45 billion yuan.

“Healthy Living” is the vision of Sunriver; “The builder of tourist destinations” is the core of the enterprise’s brand, and “The Vacation Solution Provider for Chinese middle-class families” is the enterprise’s mission. The principle of Sunriver’s development is “ecological priority and green development”.

Since 2008

Sunriver Holding adheres to the strategy of “One Core with Two Weighs”. That is, tourism destinations consist the core of the group’s business, with the equal weighs on their construction and their content . Since 2008, a comprehensive supporting system has been established, including tourism product design, operations management, intelligent system and capital operation. So far, a large number of tourism destinations with the style of Sunriver have been and will be opened to the public. They are located on those picturesque areas with clear waters and green mountains, with a distinctive history of humanity and with the convenient transportation. The ambition of Sunriver is that all visitors will be willing to experience “more than 24-hour’s stay” and hope to make “iterative visits”.

At present

With the care and support received from governments, cooperative partners and the society in the past years, Sunriver Holding adheres to the core value of “Win-win·Achievement·Growth”. Making full use of marketing resources and opportunities, the Group has actively undertook its social responsibility by combing its progress in the industries of culture and tourism with the movement of poverty alleviation initiated by the Party and government. For these years, the Group has made a remarkable progress in undertaking its social responsibility by employing those who live below the poverty line, by raising social efficiency and feeding the real economy.

At present,  Sunriver Holding is rapidly advancing toward the strategic goal of “Sunriver of Hundred Billion” and will make every effort to start a new era of vacation industry in China.