Enterprise Culture

Sunriver Mission:

Solution Provider for Tourism and Vacationing of China’s Middle-class Families

Sunriver Vision
Live Healthily
Product health: ecological and green development always comes first to provide consumers with healthy products and services;
Enterprise health: stick to a sustainable innovation-oriented model and standardized development for a steady leap forward;
Employee health: establish a healthy industrial platform to give play plat to employees’ potential and help them gain high income and good physical and mental health.
Brand Key
Builder of Tourism Destinations
The mountain is beautiful and the water is clear, with unique civilization and convenient transportation;
Respect the nature and hand down the culture generation by generation.
Abundant products and sound leisure and vacationing system;
The tourist want to linger for over 24 hours or more and look forward to future visits.
Core Value
Win-win Leads to Growth
Enterprise Spirit
Passion Profession Teamwork
Passion: Be enterprising and set challenging goals; be persistent and never give up before reaching the goals; take responsibilities and face the pain points; dare to make innovations and deny past thoughts; able to handle adversity.
Profession: Diligent and learning-focused to continuously improve professional abilities and qualities; pursue the best and try to achieve the world’s first class standards; emphasis should be laid on approaches; proper methods should be taken for study, practice, summary and communication; outcome-oriented; think twice; efficiency and cost-effectiveness should be valued.
Teamwork: Company rules should be followed; organizational interests values more than personal interests; respect other people’s work; comment less, suggest more, act fast; communicate frankly about the issues to be solved; practical issues should be addressed to come up with solutions.
Business Concepts
Industrialized Investment, Professional Operation
Strategy Layout: Ecological and green development will always comes first and the brand key lies in becoming the builder of tourism destinations. Under this principle, our strategy layout has put equal emphasis on the following two areas: construction and contents.
Investment Model: Invest in China with a global view, to gradually form the cultural tourism investment model in multiple approaches: tourism destinations+contents, single point of core resources, management of tourism areas, and in-depth tourism services.
Development blueprints: With global strategic perspective and featured development model, the in-depth integration of culture and tourism will be encouraged to lead Chinese tourism and vacationing into a new era.
Backstage guarantee: through integrating the resources, industrial coordination and professional operation, continuously establish complete backstage supporting system for for R&D of tourism products, operation management, intelligent system, capital operation, property management guarantee, and so on.
Taking responsibilities: By focusing on building tourism destinations, we explore and take corporate social responsibilities with Sunriver features, so as to make a contribution to the society.
Organizational Concepts

Collective Will, Flexible Business

Collective Will: coordination and rules should be valued

Flexible Business: business and efficiency comes first

Management Concepts

Give full play to the potential of every single employee

Efforts should be taken to gain growth and fruits together

 Performance-oriented system will help the talents stand out

Setting a good model is the key for management

Always be practical